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Adventures are to be remembered and photography is an expression of the mind.

Being able to travel the world and experience the moments is what makes me feel alive. And whenever my mind tells me to make a shot of something special, i take it. Wether it is the beautifull scenery or that raw industry that triggers it, i don’t know. All i know is that capturing these moments is something i like to do. 

Whenever i have free time at home, i head out a night into the industrial zones for some cool shots, and when it is really time to relax, i head into nature for multi day hikes. Being cutoff from the world ontop of a mountain is the best moment there is. Me, a camera, and nature!

You can read all about my travels and learn about the hikes i took on this site and see a selection of my best shots in the portfolio section

Travel Stories

It’s out there for you to explore. Those wonderfull places the world has to offer. Get your hiking gear, your camera, your friends and get out into the wild. So many things to do, see and experience. And when the trip is over, sit back and enjoy the memories.

My Portfolio

A selection of my best works and travels can be found right here




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